April 13, 2016

#confessions are back in action

I'M SLOWLY BUT surely getting back into the blog. I don't want to leave again. #ilikeithere

Chris is my favorite & the most superior Hemsworth. I am so ecstatic that he is the new face of Humpday. #thorisarealman #demigodsarepeopletoo

Work was not something I wanted to participate in today. I'm here, but I'm blogging and listening to podcasts. I really want to nap.  #sorrynotsorry

I'm staring at my estimated tax payment worksheet and I kind of want to slam my head onto my desk because, taxes. And it makes me wriggly in my seat. #adultingisnotfuntoday

As I was looking through my phone for images of myself to update my about me and my grab button and all of that jazz I have a different hair color in every picture: there is pink, gray, blue, blond, a shitty color in-between in the gray and the blond that slightly resembled green. All since mid-December. It's been a fun hair year. #crazyhairdontcare

I've been reading some of my old posts, I drank a lot. Like a lot a lot. More than anyone should ever drink alcohol. Bad news bears. #boozymcboozerson

I've been heavy on the Pretty Little Liars train the last month. I gave up on it what I thought was for good a while back but now it's on Netflix and it's enthralling. #guiltypleasuresareathing

As with everything when you're a part with something/someone for a while it is a little awkward to get back in the swing, but I'm getting there.

...until next time bloggies!
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  1. Tax season is the WORST. I'm planning on spending my Friday afternoon trying to sort it all out. And I can totally relate with the hair thing. I've actually had my hair it's natural colour for the last two years and that's the longest I've ever gone with one colour. Let alone it being my natural. What colour are you nowadays?

    1. I'm blond these days, keeping it light so it's easy to go back to my fun hair after weddings are over!

  2. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS GETS ME EVERY DAMN TIME. you start to think "okay. this is it. this is the most ridiculous thing, that doesn't happen in high school!" then the last like 3 minutes are the most intense of the whole episode so you just have to watch one more....