April 27, 2016

confessions of an addiction & a compressed spine

I have been trying to give up diet coke for 4 weeks. KEYWORDS HERE: trying & 4 weeks. I usually get through Monday pretty well. Tuesday comes and I'm straight jonesing. Sometimes I make it through. Sometimes people are so stupid. I cannot deal with them. A diet coke and it's fizzy bubbly goodness is the only thing to make get me through. #stopscapegoatingmysilvercylinderofjoy
I have been drinking fairly decent wine lately, like between the $12-$20 range. I know, dreaming big and living large over at My Favorite Day. I went to crack open a new bottle; a kind that I had previously been enjoying, and it tasted bodiless. So thin and watery. Now this does not mean I didn't drink it, but it does mean I will need to be making a trip to buy more wine. #apparentlynowiamawinesnob
I went to the chiropractor last week for the first time in three years.  My first mistake, you ask? Waiting three freaking years. I was so out of whack that he couldn't even adjust me all the way the first time I went. I had to be hooked up to the TENS, which I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of my favorite. Then had to go back 2 days later to get knocked and popped around. 

The verdict? A compressed lower spine and posture so shitty I'll be Quasimodo's twin sister by the time I'm 45. yay!

The remedy? Sit on a balance ball at work and whenever I'm lounging at home. 5-8 minutes on the inversion table 3 days a week. And I had better start doing yoga so I can you know, continue to move. Also, do more lateral work outs. BLAH.  #imonly25howdidthishappen?

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  1. Yoga-smoga. Hahaha. I keep telling myself I am going to do yoga to help my back but it never happens. If you find the motivation, send me some please!!! That ecard couldn'tbe truer about diet coke being harder to break than meth. I am 2 months sober. It's a struggle!!!!

  2. what i found helped my back - strength training. weird, right? also, in the shower -- if you hug yourself tightly and bend over it will give your back/spine a good stretch. the warm water will help loosen the muscles as well.

  3. I bought some less expensive wine last night and boy... so not good. I drank it anyway but amazing the difference like 3-5 dollars makes! Cheers!

  4. I was such a Coke addict- at least a can every.single.day. So I decided to give it up (for Lent). It was so hard the first two weeks, but afterwards I tried it again, and didn't like it! Haven't touched it since! As for the wine, I just started using this company that delivers fairly good wine directly to your door monthly. I like it because I get exposed to wines I probably wouldn't have normally tried. Let me know if you want more info! I hope those remedies work out for your back!