April 20, 2016

dry shampoo & mermaids - the modern day dream

IT'S WEDNESDAY, you know what the means!

I have never related to anything more in my life. #dirtyhairdontcare

These are my daily feels #adultingisdumbasshit

On days when I am too lazy to cook, which lets face it is most days, I just throw chicken in the crockpot with a can or jar of something and call it a day. boom dinner and lunch for 4 days. #imactuallynotlazyimreallyeffingbusy

When I finished PLL on the flix last week I struggled with what to watch next. Usually my go to is the Gilmore's, but I wanted to wait a little longer this time in between a series re-watch. I decided I would do One Tree Hill. But instead of starting at season 1 like a normal person I started on season 8, because I have realized that OTH kind of sucks up until then. **gasps** It used to be my favorite. Not so much. I guess people do change. <--- ha get it? ha ha ha. #chronicbingewatcher

I laugh at my own stupid jokes entirely too much. I can't help that I'm hysterical. #imreallynotthatfunny

When people call and leave a message and do not leave a contact number, email, morse code signal, anything. I mentally stab them with the pen I am holding to take down their information. #pleaseleaveyournameANDnumber

I have always {and probably always will} start my weekly confessions & favorites posts having barely just posted one. I keep lists on my phone, of course, but if I am near or at my computer I just click that new post tab and start documenting right then. Who's with me here? I cannot possibly be the only one!! #ilikelists #ialsoforgetalot

confessions, anyone?

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  1. I'm an on-the-fly type of blogger as well, which is why my posts don't go up until mid-morning most days! Though sometimes I remember to add pics from my phone right to the Blogger app. And yes to crockpot dinners! I actually just made some shredded chicken in it last night that I'll be eating for days!

  2. Yess to chicken in the crockpot with salsa or something for the easiest meal ever! I'm working my way through PLL for the first time but got to season 5 and kind of hit a wall.