April 22, 2016

my mama don't like you.

LET'S TAKE a moment to set the scene, if you will.

There was this one time my P.I.C. called me at 5:47 on a Tuesday to go to the Justin Bieber concert at 7.  My answer HELL.YES.

Now, you're probably thinking "GIRL, THAT'S PLENTY OF TIME TO MAKE IT." Mind you, we live about 70 miles from where the concert was. (73.5 to be exact) AND we were both still at work, she another 20 minutes away from home. I, approximately 1 mile from home.

It was possibly the best choice we could have ever made. Our seats were to the side of the stage and honestly kind of behind it. BUT we were in the second row of the middle section. READ: we were really freaking close and could see everything happening back stage. FASCINATING.

I have been to my fair share of musical performances. And let me tell you friends, this concert was unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen. we missed the first opener, which was totally fine because we didn't know who she was anyway.

We caught act 1.5 & the second opener. {I say act 1.5 because there was this dj (?) we could only assume that is what he was. Then we joked that if all we had to do was put a playlist on and sometimes throw in an "uhh" or "yeah" we could totally do that and make more money an hour than at our current jobs!} ANYWHO, I digress

The second act. not a freaking clue who he was either. But he had very womanly legs... He started singing one song, and pic & I were like omg we KNOW this one!! Turns out, nope we didn't. But who cares, he wasn't who we were there to see. {however, he did almost bite the dust and it was possibly the best thing all night.}

As we were waiting for Justin to come on stage we observed all the sights around us. As well as dropped a whole slew of one-liners that someone should have been recording. We're hilarious. Then we tried to figure out where he was going to first come on stage. Was he going to ride in on a tire swing? Or is this something Kenny Chesney does exclusively ;).

We were extremely surprised at the age diversity in the crowd. We thought for certain we'd be the oldest people there {who didn't have kids in tow.} We were not, there we some ladies about our age behind us and we later saw that a TON of people we knew were there!

I could write a whole post on how these kids were dressed.{god, I sound so.old.}  And in fact, I think I might. 1995 is back in a big way. I feel if I add all of that into this post it will be incredibly long and more than a touch ramble-y.

The backup dancers were freaking fantastic, which I guess you would expect them to be! But I didn't exactly expect there to be BACKUP DANCERS.  I told you it was unlike anything I'd ever seen! I guess I had zero expectations going in because it was such a snap decision to go in the first place. There was dancing, an acoustic set, lots of elevated dancing surfaces, and general awesomeness!! Also, lots of screaming girls. As one should expect. 

Prepare yourself for a photo dump. And in one set Bieber came out looking like straight Cher Horowitz. If you get that reference we can be friends. If not, we can still be friends, but you need to brush up on your pop culture. These are all iPhone photos; don't judge to poor quality, please.

And then, there is this guy: texting. He was completely unfazed by the whole event. Just stood there. not even a head nod!!

At one point Bieber started naming ages: "LET ME KNOW IF WE HAVE ANY 18 YEAR OLDS.." and so on up to 23, then stopped. We looked at each other like, guess we're too old.. Then he said "MAYBE WE SHOULD START YOUNGER" HAHAH!!!!  Yep! we are most definitely too old!! 

It was so much fun and I'm thoroughly please with our decision!! Even if I've been dragging my heals ever since! 


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