April 29, 2016

top five playlists to get you through that workout

I can't help but think once upon a time I would have started this post off something like "If you're like me going to the gym is the worst part of the day." But honestly, I can't say that anymore. Is it hard to get out of bed? Hell yes. Most days getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day.

The gym has become one of my happy places.  I put my earbuds in, go about my business and ignore everyone and every thing else. It's the only time of the day I get solely to myself and it is the best. The early morning crowd is the best because the douchebag levels are minimal.

While I do enjoy going to the gym, often times I need a little kick in the pants to get through. And I'm betting you might too. I have compiled this list of workout playlists to get you through that tough workout!

The Britney Body Workout -- currently my personal favorite. For when you're feeling especially 90s.
Get your body right.  For when you're feeling nostalgic for the 2005s.
Cardio -- great for running, because even I hate running most days. 

PAT BENATAR radio on Pandora You can't link to the station from Pandora, or at least I couldn't figure it out. 
I bought this gem so I could walk Sandy & still have my phone in tow in the coming warm months when pockets are fleeting. It has proved to be a great investment.

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  1. That pocket belt thing is awesome! Target has some yoga pants and shorts (not the fold down ones) that have pockets into the inside waistband and they are amaxing!

  2. Ummmm, that Britney Body Workout playlist looks uh-mazing. I kind of want to hope down to the gym right now so I can listen to it, buuuuuuut maybe I'll just put it on for a dance party ;)