April 25, 2016

weekending & whatnots vol. 2

GOOD MORNING! I hope your Monday is off to an excellent start. Here's another addition of weekending to get us stared for the week.

This weekend I had Saturday off & it was so incredibly nice. One of my roommates from college got married and I was lucky enough to be an attendee rather than having to work! Between the wedding and reception the boy and I went to Urban Chestnut, if you're ever in the STL area you need to visit one of their locations. We sat outside, dank beers, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The reception was at the City Museum. It was so beautiful and so much fun catching up with all of my college friends. I sometimes only see them once or twice a year.

I discovered CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE earlier this and thought I'd try out some of her recipes. I made the FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE BLENDER MUFFINS on Sunday. These are so dang good! I 100% recommend!
On Sunday I did my grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon outside reading and napping. I have a lovely farmer's tan sunburn to show for this!

I also tried my hand at blogging about my adventures in the kitchen. I will have a post up about that soon! I invented a chicken salad recipe & it's pretty good!
chicken salad
This morning (Monday) I got up and made myself some coffee, obviously. And then thought I'd try out these FLOURLESS PANCAKES by Chocolate Covered Katie. Seriously y'all, I found her blog and I.AM.OBSESSED. I pinned like a thousand recipes. The pancakes were absolutely delicious, but mine looked SO UGLY! I was embarrassed to even take a picture of them to share! I totally should have just for kicks. Alas, alack.

I'm a baker. I bake really well. Stovetop cooking is not my jam. I have a tendency to get the stove too hot. My house has an old electric stove and I have successfully ruined every spatula I have ever used on it. 

What were you up to this weekend? Have a great week, everyone!
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  1. I was in St. Louis this weekend for a bachelorette party and we totally saw a wedding at the City Museum! Ihad never been before so I didn't know if there was a reception space up there or if they were just taking pictures. Small world!

  2. Flourless muffins?!?! And they are chocolate?!?!?! I am always trying to justify chocolate for breakfast so excuse me while I go pin that!!!