April 18, 2016

weekending & whatnots vol. 1

MY WEEKENDS ARE often weird. I work on Saturdays because, photographer. My days off are Sunday and Monday. And let me tell you, having Mondays off is the best thing. Now that we've gotten that tid-bit out of the way we can get on with the fun stuff!

Friday night I ate popcorn for dinner, drank half a bottle of wine, watched Kimmy, & fell asleep on the couch at 9.

Saturday I worked and then there was a diaper party for one of my friends husband (don't judge my grammar here, I just don't know) I didn't take any pictures at this because I am just plain bad at that.

Sunday I attended a bridal shower for my first collage roommate. Although, we always joke that isn't the best way to introduce each other because we get along INFINITELY better nowadays. Again, no photos, whoops. But it was beautiful and fun catching up.

I also discovered asparagus growing in my backyard! HOTDAMN! I'm only upset I didn't see it sooner, I could have not been buying it all this time! I read that it re-sprouts!

And finally today. Today was a mother.... A few weeks ago I ripped up the carpeting in my sunroom. Yeah, I know, right! Who puts carpeting in a sunroom?!

Any who, I ripped the carpet up a few weeks ago. And finally got some answers to how to get all that dang glue up. I used this gnarly chemical, got high, spread it all over the floor in sections and scraped that shit up. It was hard. My whole body hurts & I am exhausted. I got up everything that would scrape so now I must mop it with mineral spirits then regular mop it and then sand/buff the whole of it. THEN maybe I can get to decorating. Please forgive the shit quality snapchat image.

I believe that is about it. A packed weekend, that is for certain. I'm currently sitting at my mom's because I was too exhausted to cook so I'm bumming spaghetti off of her tonight. Because, lets face it: no matter how long you have been making spaghetti -- 

I hope your weekend was fantastical & your week is the same!

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  1. Literally all I did was watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Saturday. It was fantastic!

  2. Trade in popcorn for pizza and that was my Friday night too! Sounds like you got to catch up with a lot of people! I hated my first college roommate so much that I got her kicked out of my dorm room by mid-year because she was an obnoxious asshat haha. Good luck finishing the sunroom without too much more pain!