April 14, 2016

where does the time go?

THE PAST FEW YEARS January has been spent trying to get my shit together from whirl wind that is November & December. February is spent trying rest and recuperate as well as birthday celebrations. Before I know it, it is March then I blink and suddenly it is the middle of April. What the heck?! Where did my time go?

It's sad, really. Time is such a fleeting thing. And, in my personal experience, one of two things usually happens:
1) I'm always wishing time away because I can't wait for this or that. And then I find myself wanting to go back because while I was busy wishing the time away I forgot to remember special memories. Or memories that could have been special.
-- OR --
2) At the studio our print/product turn around is 6 weeks. Consequently, I am always living my life 6 weeks ahead of time. It's really effing depressing.

My problem, and I think that a lot of other people might have this little BIG issue too, is that I am never fully present. I might be standing in front of you -- you can see me, but I more than likely, as I said before, am living 6 weeks ahead of time. Thinking that I could be doing this or I really need to be **insert work task here** It is also possible that it might be a day that I have off work but you can bet I'm thinking "I could be working right now."

I want so badly to become better at living in and for the moment and to stop wishing life away. Two of my very best friends are getting married this year. I am actively trying to get over the fact I have to take time off work. Your best friend only gets married once (theoretically, of course). Why does it matter that I have to take weekends off? I should be happy thrilled to be involved.  I'm trying here. 

Please be praying, sending vibes, whatever you do for me to become less work obsessed and more focused on appreciating the time I get to spend and memories I get to make with my friends and family. And I will do the same for you.

Any tips or insight you have for me is welcome. 
....until next time

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1 comment:

  1. I am so bad at this, like really bad. I too wish my life away too much and am rarely in the present. I'm going to work on being more present this week and I hope you do too!