May 8, 2016

a currently update vol. 3

a currently update
Good morning and happy Mother's Day!! You know how I have been super jazzed annoying about my sunroom lately? Well, it is almost done! I have everything in there except a day bed my parents are giving me! I wanted to watch the newest Grey's this morning, so I am currently writing to you from my couch while looking at it. Not exactly in it, but next best thing!

BINGING: Grace & Frankie

LISTENING: Lots of podcasts but right now I am loving: Ladies who Lunch. Music and I are having a rough patch in our relationship

WEARING: Mostly yoga pants and tanks.

PLANNING: For this moment nothing but only for like 10 seconds. A bachelorette party is coming up soon.

READING: still... as hot as it was you ought to thank me.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: spending the day with my momma. 

What have you been up to recently? Have a great Sunday, friends. 
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