May 6, 2016

a letter to me vol. 1

FRIDAY. This evening I am lounging on my couch drinking wine, watching the new season of GRACE and FRANKIE.  The dogs are quietly (finally) lying at my feet. I made some of these pre-made pumpkin cheesecake cookies that have been in my fridge since like November. they still taste downright delightful. 

I can assure you a former version of myself would never believe this picture I have painted for you.

While sitting here, a Brad Paisley song came to mind. Letter to Me. I'm not really sure what made this come to mind other than the red blend in my glass; but I thought I might start a series of letters to me.

For this first one I think I'll send it back in time to myself at 23.


First off, look at you go. You opened a studio this year. You hought this day would never come. You're such a badass. It hasn't exactly been easy getting here, and it isn't going to get any easier. You'll get better at handling and dealing with things. It is scary. And things are hard. People aren't always going to understand. Unfortunately you will lose relationships over this adventure. But those who stick around are the real deal.

Now, we have some business to attend to. You cannot do your job to the best of your abilities if you continue to stay out drinking until one in the morning. Yes, I know that you bounce back like a champ. But I also know that one day, you will hit a wall. You will not bounce back. Start drinking more water and less beer. And stop going out on Thursdays. Those people who are your "friends" don't give a shit about you, your business, or well being. It isn't worth it. Just stop. see the last 2 sentences of first paragraph.

And another thing: I know you don't think so, but your REAL friends will get over the fact that you cannot go out every Friday & Saturday night. They won't disown you or forget you exist.  Yes, they might be upset that you bail out early or don't even go at all. As I said before, those who stick around are the real deal. They're not actually mad at you, they just miss you (as much as you miss them.) One day, you will be able to be more flexible. I know you've missed a lot, and you'll miss out on even more. But remember, you chose this. All of your hard work is paying off. They're proud of you.

Lastly: I know it's f*cking annoying. And frankly, sometimes hurtful, but everyone means well when they try to set you up. Don't overreact, you can be harsh. It just makes you look like an asshole. We're still not a fan of the idea of a setup, don't worry. But don't disregard them all.

Keep working hard on that business. You're going places and everyone knows it.

What would you tell your younger self? Have a great weekend. I'm hitting the sheets.
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