May 10, 2016

ten things you might not know about me

How is it Tuesday already? Where did my Monday go? It's been {and will continue to be} one of the busiest weeks I've had this year. Over the weekend I had a family of 20 and then an afternoon of May Fete kids. {maybe one day I'll do a post on May Fete. It's a hometown thing and whenever I tell people about it who are not from here the general response is: "so, it's a cult?" HINT: it's not.}

Any who, I have viewings for all of them and several others, along with a one year session {READ: CAKE SMASH!!!!} and a newborn {BABY!!}. AND I also have a ribbon cutting that I have to attend -- at 7:30 am tomorrow. eek! A BPW meeting tomorrow evening. A dress fitting I am attending for my best friend on Thursday. I think that's it. woof! as I said, long week! 

Today, I thought I'd share a few nuggets & tidbits you might not know about me. I am going to link up with KARLI for ten on tuesday.

1. I studied abroad in Italy. I lived in Florence for 4 weeks. I visited Rome, Milan, Venice and countless countryside vineyards.

2. as a result, my wine preferences include anything red & dry, as well as dry - semi-sweet whites.

3. chipotle > q'doba. this is not an open debate. you have your opinion, I have mine. and don't try to sway me with the guac thing because...

4. I do not like guacamole.

5. receiving gifts gives me anxiety.

6. strawberry cake is life.

7. when I order nachos at Mexican restaurants I oder them sans chips. I do not like soggy chips.

8. I'm mesmerized by foxes & owls.

9. if given the choice between a coffee or a diet coke I would choose the coke every.single.time. (blasphemy)

10. I collect globes.

There you have it. A few tidbits you probably didn't know about me! What are some random nuggets about yourself? Have a great day!
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  1. I don't like guacamole either!! I've tried to like it, but can't seem to get into it. Good to know I'm not the only one ;)

    Edye | Http://

  2. I wonder why receiving gifts makes you anxious. But I agree on strawberry cake. I'm a dessert person. And owls are really mesmerizing.