December 13, 2016

things you shouldn't say


A typed out Facebook post that would piss off way to many people so it becomes a blog post. And it might still. But at least it isn't a public forum. so HA!

Here it is:

I read this article on the interwebs and it set me into motion. 

From the moment you email or call us until you walk out of our doors with your finished products it is an experience.  It is incredibly hard for me to keep my mouth shut when people comment on my pricing structure or get pissy because I will not give them a disc. You are paying for an experience. I am with you helping to choose your products and what will work best for your wants and needs every step of the way. From the moment my phone rings I am thinking about and asking questions to completely personalize your session and products. I refuse to send you out of my studio with a piece of plastic that you have to figure out what to do with yourself. Hell, I have toted my drill, level, and drywall screws to a few houses to hang gallery walls. With me, you get an experience.

While this price breakdown in the article doesn't exactly reign true to how my pricing structure sits, thats just it. We don't all price services/products the same. But believe it or not, we know what is best for our own business structure.

It's not even the article that upset me. It's the fact that it is so true. And if I'm being honest, I know from the second I read "I don't want to pay an arm and a leg," that this person I am corresponding with is not my customer. My customer values fine artistry and beautiful products. My client values a unique experience and building a relationship to last years.

I beg of you, before you say something TO A PHOTOGRAPHER about paying an arm and a leg think, would you like to go to work for free? Probably not. While yes, I love my job. My job is my dream and my passion. It is a gift that I have the privilege of doing something I love. And I love my clients & families. They make my life fun and enjoyable. But just because I love it does not mean that I am willing to give up other aspects of my life at the cost of doing business.

Just a little food for thought. Please don't be offended, I know I can sound harsh. That's why this isn't on THE BOOK

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