March 15, 2017

a currently update vol. 6

BINGING: Shameless, along with everyone else in the U.S. of A.
LISTENING: Music and I aren't getting along right now.
PODCASTING: Potterotica
SIPPING: Water with grapefruit, lemon, and lime essential oils.
SNACKING: all of the veggies with jalapeƱo and cilantro hummus.
WEARING: Trying my hardest to protest this crappy winter weather and wear my spring dresses. Except none of them fit, so that's awesome.
READING: Such a Pretty Fat -- Jen Lancaster
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Eric Church girls day in May!
WORKOUT: PiYo 2 days a week, weights 2 days a week, yoga when I can 2-5 times a week.

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February 12, 2017

sundays are for meal prep

Meal prep. Do any of us actually enjoy preparing 5-6 days worth of lunches, dinners, and snacks all in one day? No. The answer is no. However, I am always happy that I took 2 hours out of my Sunday to cook said meals come week nights when I am too exhausted/rushed to cook a healthy meal. And I feel much better too, not having had thrown dinosaur chicken nuggets in the oven, (because I am a child) or run through Wendy's for a #10, chili instead of fries, sweet & sour please. (also, because I am a child)

Step one: remove sweet potatoes, green beans, and chicken from freezer. **THE VEGGIES WERE FRESH WHEN I FROZE THEM, MY EYES WERE BIGGER THAN MY MEAL PLAN A FEW WEEKS AGO.
Step two: go on walk, turn around half a block later because coffee sounds better than walking.
Step three: dick around on the internet & preheat oven
Step four: mix up balsamic honey glaze **I WAS FEELING AMBITIOUS.
Step five: chicken is still frozen. I'll cook that later
Step six: roast veggies
Step seven: take out of oven
Step eight: sample. **EW. WHAT THE FORK? I'M NOT A BAD COOK. WHY? NOPE.
Step nine: must be because I froze them.
Step ten: formulate Plan B.
Step eleven: go to grocery store **I WAS REALLY TRYING TO AVOID THIS
Step twelve: chop
Step thirteen: blacken chicken
Step fourteen: shit, it is smokey in here. OH NO.
Step fifteen: yep, there's the alarm. cool.
Step sixteen: is this the chicken or the spaghetti squash?
Step seventeen:  chicken. DAMN.
Step eighteen: open windows.
Step nineteen: cook corn, peppers, and tomatoes
Step twenty: how the fork is this chicken not done?
Step twenty-one: throw chicken back in pan
Step twenty-two: divide raw veggies into individual snack containers
Step twenty-three: dish out some hummus into individual containers
Step twenty-four: divide cottage cheese into containers
Step twenty-five: dish out meals
Step twenty-six: clean the disaster area
Step twenty-seven: gahhhh dammit scorched the pan. not surprised.

Whew. Glad that is finished. I need a drink.


While this week may have been more eventful harder than most weeks. I am always happier & feel better during the week knowing at least one thing is going to be streamlined and easy. I feel like that is me in a nutshell, always trying to figure out the best system to insure things that don't have to be hard are in fact, not hard.

In all honesty: if you do not meal prep, I encourage you to try it. Especially if you are as busy as I am during the week. Believe it or not, it takes a weight off your shoulders knowing food is planned.

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January 12, 2017

thursday musings

lifestyle blogger
POST 1 OF 2017. Wow, 2017. This year started out with a bang already. I spent the first week of the new year in beautiful Tampa, Florida. I also survived Florida winter; January 7-9, 2017. Look at me go. I do believe that in the future I will be snow birding. Spending January in Florida sounds like a plan.

FIRST OFF, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE POST IMAGE. How badly do I wish to be sipping a cappuccino in Tampa right now instead of possibly bunkering in for 3 days because of an ice storm. Also, that's a freaking iPhone photo, y'all! Boom! (which, let's be real, is the actual reason I wanted to talk about the post image)

Secondly: this ice storm. I am co-chair of a committee that has been planning a trivia night. For tomorrow. And since, you know, the world is going to end because of this catastrophic ice storm, we have had to reschedule it. Which is sad and disappointing on many different levels. I'll just leave it at that. 

Thirdly: Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Bread Co. (AKA PANERA) hold the onions. YES! Do yourself a favor and go get yourself one before the world is sure to end this weekend. 

Fourthly: I have gotten Invisalign. Ouch. The gap wasn't that big, but I insisted. Masochist.

Fifthly: I have taken down my Christmas decor & I am pretty bummed about it all. It was so festive! And now I just have fake succulents everywhere because I can't keep real plants alive. I mean, my home is adorable no matter what, but I just like my trees & lights!

Just a few musings that couldn't support a full post individually.

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