30 before 30

I am 23 25 WHERE DID THOSE YEARS GO so I have just shy of 7 5 years to complete this list of goals! I'm going to add some lofty stuff to it. Some will be more difficult than others to accomplish, but where is the fun in just adding easy things to a list of stuff to accomplish in 7 5 years!


1. Go on Safari
2. Open the doors to my own studio - I opened a store front photography studio in August of 2014, I was 23. See a tour here.
3. Learn German & spend time in Germany
4. Become a Master of Photography - IN OCTOBER OF 2014 I EARNED ONE MERIT TOWARD THIS GOAL!
5. Learn how to ski
6. Spend a month in Yellowstone
7. Go on a cruise
8. Visit Alaska
9. Create a family tree & learn my history 
10. Make a $2000 sale (weddings not included) - BOOM! - MARCH 2016 (CAME CLOSE IN NOVEMBER 2015)
11. Go to Ireland
12. Mardi Gras in Louisiana
13. Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah
14. Return to Italy, especially Florence & Rome
15. Have so much work I have to hire a digital artist to help with E. Kracht Photography -- EDIT I AM THERE, BUT CAN'T FIND ANYONE I LIKE -- APRIL 2016
16. Buy a diamond ring for myself
17. Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner all on my own
18. Visit Gettysburg over the 4th of July - the anniversary of the battle
19. Try some sort of eating challenge featured on Man vs. Food - I'm open to suggestions to which one!
20. Volunteer at a children's hospital
21. Meet Kenny Chesney
22. Fall in love (with Kenny ha ha) - WITH AN AMAZING MAN, WHO IS NOT KENNY HA!
23. Go to the Olympics
24. Buy my own house - OCTOBER 13, 2015
25. Book a wedding  - check out this post on my completed goal! 

I'm going to leave the last 6 5 open for now. I don't want to grapple for things for the sake of completing the list right now. I want to make sure this is a list of truly awesome things, so I'm leaving the last few open. When something truly amazing comes to mind I will add it! I'm 23, there are bound to be things I haven't thought of. MY GOD I AM 25….

I will cross the items off as they come & add the date which I completed it. I will also link the inevitable post I will write chronicling the adventure, because I'm a blogger & I like to share. You'll know when I complete something! You will also find out when I figure out the last adventures. They might not come all at once, but they will be filled up! 


  1. such a fun list! you're such a spring chicken. yay for opening your own studio, have you crossed anything else off?

  2. Love your list!! I have/had one too! I'm already 30 but still completing my list, I started mine like a month before my 30th like a crazy person. :)

  3. What a great idea! Which will be the first to check off…?